Decorative and attractive… it’s Basket Chair.
An armchair characterized by an elegant graphic composition based on alternations of full and empty, conferring the piece with a strong personality, making it rich yet all the while delicate.
The Basket chair is inspired by the traditional wicker container from which the designer extrapolated the principal structural lines to create a
new decorative object; a comfortable “container to sit in”, capable of solidly characterizing its surrounding environment, especially from the rhythmic play that creates volume from the removal of its parts.
The possibility to use several types of bases gives the armchair major versatility. They can be made stackable, used indoor and outdoor, and moreover, thanks to the characteristic cuts in the shell, the seat can be easily upholstered, creating an original contrast between plastic and fabric materials.

technical to translate

Description to translate

ref 268, ARM / POLYMER LEGS, Techno polymer frame and shell.

  • Dimensions to translate:  59 x 54 x 79h cm
  • Weight to translate:  20 kg
  • Items per Carton to translate:  2
  • Cubage to translate:  0.19 m3
  • Stackable to translate:  NO
  • Assembled to translate:  NOT ASSEMBLED

availability to translate

frame finishing
cod.268.--/BP tecnopolimero / technopolymer