designer: Stefano SandonĂ 

The in-depth stylistic research and ergonomic, summarizes in a few essential features of a sophisticated and comfortable sitting.
Thanks to the special holes of the back allows for proper ventilation and general well-being of the user.
Full handle integrated into the design of the body, is available in a wide choice of textures and colors.

technical to translate

Description to translate

ref 191, BENCH 2 -5SEATS, Techno polymer shell various colours, Structure painted metal

  • Dimensions to translate:  100- 250 x 80h cm
  • Weight to translate:  18.5 KG - 29 kg
  • Items per Carton to translate:  1
  • Cubage to translate:  0.28 m3 - 0.31 m3
  • Stackable to translate:  NO
  • Assembled to translate:  NOT ASSEMBLED

availability to translate

frame finishing
Cod. 191.-- /PG2P (100 cm)
Cod. 191.-- /PG3P (150 cm)
Cod. 191.-- /PG4P (200 cm)
Cod. 191.-- /PG5P (250 cm) it is possible to change a seat with a top