Perez was officially introduced in fall 2002 with the aspiration of making design-oriented furniture more simple, comfortable and accessible for all. Ex-hairdresser, Daniel Perez left behind the world of hair, fashion and film to share his passion with the world of furniture, a welcome change which allowed him his quest for beautiful shapes. With the firm belief that good simple design can actually enhance one’s life, Daniel Perez embarked on a goal to bring clean-lined, original, multi-functional furniture to a public seeking to enhance their environment.

In the fall 2003, Perez commenced its own manufacturing facilities to better control the quality of its designs. By building its own collections, Perez was able to give yet more depth to its ever-evolving world of furniture by securing a level of quality to support its designs, thereby making local products, a reality of the present and the future.

With major projects under their belts, the Musee Des Beaux Arts in Montreal, The Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas and the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music, Perez shows no signs of slowing down on their mission of creating fabulous, functional furniture.

In an effort to offer a well-rounded experience Perez decided to expand it’s stable of products with the distribution of complementary collections from Europe

Perez is well-known for their selection of armchairs, sofas, tables, dining chairs and stools. They have successfully managed to capture the perfect balance of modern vs retro: due to the use of colours, juxtaposed with their streamlined designs. The Perez showroom and manufacturing facilities reside under the same roof, on the south side of the Lachine canal and are definitely worth a visit, for a full impression of their craftsmanship and design.

 Phone: (514) 933-3993 



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